Destroy Everything Now

scanned image from Sasha Grey’s Neü Sex


scanned image from Sasha Grey’s Neü Sex

Anime is L I F E


I wore my naruto shirt that I found in the back of my closet today and someone asked me if I watched anime. I almost cried because I thought I could finally fan girl with someone else in public about anime but no she just said how much she hated naruto and that she thought that people that watched anime were weird and all she watches is soul eater. I might not watch soul eater because of that one person. I wanna die anime is life

hahahahaha theres a blackf ool in my class whose down as fuck with soul eater and soemtimes we nerd out


nothing more satisfying than calling straight guys ’ babe ‘


as a straight dude im tired of all these yaoi fangirls thinking heterosexual characters like kaworu and shinji are anything more than best bros. as a straight bro, me and my straight bro friends like to hold each others hands and look at the stars together and maybe make out with each other sometimes. im not gay


Times change

this fucked me up ok


Think about how fast he snitched tho


i swear to god the way some people talk about their sex lives on this site makes me so fucking uncomfortable. like not even OH SHIT IM JUDGING YOU, IM A SLUT SHAMER. its just like damn i dont think i need to know about this kind of shit. ive never seen you in real life why should i know about who you have fucked. like fucking christ. it just makes me feel so fucking awkward and weird. fucking fuck.

im tired as shit and dont wanna go to fuckin work. fuck the pizzas i want to die